Consistent with the easing of the stay-at-home order, the Springfield Psychological Center (SPC) plans to open its doors for in-office visits starting June 1 st . Clinicians continue to provide sessions via, which is a synchronous video platform to conduct therapy sessions. However, the insurance coverage that was expanded to cover telehealth services consistent with the Executive Order to Expand Telehealth Services in March may not necessarily be in place for all plans after June 1 st . Therefore, it is important to patients to contact their insurance carriers to ensure that teletherapy services continue to be covered.


If patients elect to participate in in-office sessions, an additional informed consent is required. This consent outlines SPC expectations to keep patients and staff safe, such as not entering the building if patients have a fever, waiting in their vehicle until five minutes before their appointment, wearing a mask, and following social distancing guidelines.


We understand that this can be an anxiety-provoking time for many individuals, and SPC clinicians and staff remain committed to providing services to our patients in a safe, comfortable manner. The COVID-19 situation will be monitored closely, and more updates will follow.

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